RAI PARTNERS builds products and technology that help credit unions, fintechs, and banks to better serve their communities. Our tools power more inclusive and affordable products used by families, small businesses, and non-profits around the country.

It starts with amazing people and great culture.

It may sound like a cliche, but we believe it. We are hyper-focused on working with exceptional people and building a healthy, collaborative culture. We look for intellectually curious, detail oriented, hard working individuals who are eager to roll up their sleeves, learn and contribute. We run a transparent, flat and lean organization, and believe that ego is generally the enemy of growth and innovation.

We are a fully remote team, we build the next generation of fintech every day from all over the world. Whether you’re in Kansas or Costa Rica, you’re welcome on our team if you’re ready to take leadership and help us build great product.

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Salary & Equity

We pay competitive salaries and give all of our employees options in RAI PARTNERS.


We’ve got you covered

Enjoy our comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance.



Unplug, take a trip, or stay-cation; use our paid time off and parental leave to make sure you stay balanced.

Find your role

We’re a startup; we run lean, and expect everyone to take initiative and wear multiple hats. We have a growth mindset for our people, and dislike rigid job descriptions and org charts. Please contact us if you’re interested in a position below or see an opportunity to contribute to our work.

We are seeking an experienced CFO to join our growing startup in the financial industry. The ideal candidate will have experience in revolving and installment lending and provide strategic leadership and oversight of the company’s financial activities. The CFO will work closely with the CEO/President, product & risk teams, and will lead financial reporting, structuring, planning, and analysis to support the company's growth strategies.

● Develop and optimize debt financing strategies to support asset growth, with an eye towards covenants, collateral requirements, interest rate risk, duration risk, regulatory requirements and scalability.

● Manage borrowing capacity to support current and projected asset balances

● Implement treasury best practices to optimize borrowing, cash utilization and settlement.

● Manage key relationships with banks, creditors, other financial institutions and where appropriate, investors and clients.

● Work closely with the CEO/President to evaluate and execute strategic initiatives.

● Develop and implement financial business plans, forecasting, budgeting and KPI review processes.

● Perform financial analysis, including control of expenses and cash management.

● Implement financial systems and processes that improve efficiency, improve decision-making and provide timely and accurate financial reporting.

● Oversee the accounting and financial reporting functions of the company, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

● Experience with financial systems, reporting, and controls

Candidate should have a broad range of skills across multiple disciplines:

● Bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, economics, or related field required; Master's degree preferred.

● CPA and/or MBA is preferred.

● 10+ years of progressive financial leadership experience, with at least 3 years in a CFO role.

● Experience in financial services, with knowledge of B2B, B2C, banking, and credit union markets.

● Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to interact effectively with all levels of management, investors, and external stakeholders

● Excellent with Microsoft Office or like, Statistical software nice to have, Knowledge of Zero, QuickBook, Net suite like.  Understanding and use of software in CRM, project management software, and work flow management

You’ll be working with hundreds of financial institutions and companies around the country.

You’ll be working with large portfolios of assets and dozens of financing lines.

You’ll be rapidly scaling the balance sheet of a growing fintech company.

The financial architecture you build will enhance financial inclusion and support community financial institutions.

Be an early-stage executive - You'll make core financial strategy choices, build a team, contribute to company culture, and help set the bar for quality and execution. Thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment.

Have worked in fintech in the past.

Worked in fixed and/or variable rate lending, with installment and revolving products.

Have a CFA.

Love to build teams and share your expertise with others.

Previously worked at a startup or have an interest in startups.

We value the ability to learn quickly, take ownership, and collaborate across teams. Work experience at impressive companies is less important than your ability to lead a team and tackle a problem holistically. Our goal is to make a well-informed decision based on your ability to do the work you’ll be expected to do at RAI Partners, without subjecting you to a long drawn-out process. Our process involves:

Introduction Call - A chance to connect and see if there is interest from both sides, share more about the company, our vision and roadmap, and learn more about your experience.

In depth review of your work history - We’ll dig into your resume to understand what you’ve worked on and what areas of the job may be new to you.

Followup Call(s) - We’ll connect you with seasoned CFOs and/or company advisors when necessary.

Strategy Storyboarding - You’ll lead us through a session about how you would architect our financing strategy given the unique opportunities and challenges of our business

Final call - If we have any additional questions we’ll schedule a short follow up call.

Background and reference checks.

Offer Decision

RAI PARTNERS builds turnkey financial products for community financial institutions and brands. In a nutshell, we help community banks and credit unions deliver next-generation products to their customers. A quick review of today’s banking environment highlights why this is important; strong community financial institutions make for strong communities. Our products strengthen local communities and expand financial inclusion.

RAI PARTNERS is backed by the largest servicer of community financial institutions in the United States. We have distribution to thousands of community banks and credit unions and the ability to move the needle for tens of millions of consumers. In joining RAI Partners, you’ll be working alongside founders and a team of seasoned executives with decades of fintech experience.

We are 100% remote; work from wherever you get your work done best. We attend conferences and hold fun off-sites, so you’ll still get the chance to meet everyone.

Comprehensive medical/dental/vision plans.

Flexible work hours and paid vacation.

A healthy company culture that values work-life balance and both personal and professional growth.