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Credit Cards


Financing Lines

Leverage our issuing, processing and data-mining platform to quickly launch differentiated financial services. Seamlessly embed branded fintech within your existing software.

Credit Cards
Financing Lines

Expand your product suite with our all-in-one platform, and build customized financial products that drive growth, engagement, and profitability.


We acquire credit card portfolios from credit unions and community banks. We work with them to optimize and grow their portfolio, enhancing the product, technology, customer engagement, and income.

Turn Down

We build credit card programs that help clients accept applicants who would otherwise be declined. Our turn down programs run parallel to clients’ existing card programs and help them say “Yes” to more customers, increase engagement and grow income.

Agent Bank

We build branded credit card programs from scratch that help credit unions and community banks deliver next-generation credit cards to their customers. We work with our clients to design a compelling product that excites customers, increases engagement, and grows their bottom line.


We help credit unions and community banks extend asset-backed loans that generate an attractive risk-adjusted return.


A new kind of fintech partner

Our team combines extensive fintech experience and a deep understanding of data-driven decision-making with powerful tools for building new fintech that stands out.

Speed Advantage

Outpace competitors and launch products in weeks rather than years using our comprehensive issuing and data platform.

Grow Your Bottom Line

Streamline operations while expanding your product offering and driving user, revenue and profit growth.

You Own Your Data

Safeguard your customers and their proprietary data while leveraging our machine learning algorithms to meet more of their needs.

Partner with a CUSO

As a registered CUSO, we’re experts in working with credit unions and their members. We’re committed to strengthening community financial institutions.

Serve More Customers

Seamlessly meet more customers’ needs with product strategies that serve customers across the risk spectrum.

Flexible Innovation

Deploy an array of strategies and work with our team of seasoned fintech professionals to build products that stand out for your customers.


We are a mission driven company, focused on building lasting partnerships that help our clients succeed.

Our mission is to strengthen the credit union ecosystem through data-driven products that unlock growth and engage members.

As a registered CUSO, we excel in providing credit unions with innovative products, loans, deposits, and member growth – fueling their success.

We believe in community financial institutions. They know their members and communities, and are committed to serving them. We’re proud to support their work.

We coordinate closely with fintechs and banks to meet the distinct needs of our clients and their customers.


We serve a variety of clients, both large and small, who share our tireless commitment to their customers.

As a NACUSO member, Our CUSO is proud to serve Credit Unions with Credit Card & Loan programs that mitigate risk & drive growth and income. Get next generation products for your members.

Credit Unions

As a CUSO, working with credit unions is in our DNA. Our largest investors and customers come from the credit union ecosystem. We are drawn to credit unions’ commitment to meeting the specific needs of their communities, and find them to be excellent partners.

Turnkey Credit Card & Loan Programs for Fintechs. Our CUSO will Accelerate Implementation. We launch & manage next gen product & drive scale. Generate Income!


Whether you’re an established fintech that’s building a new product or feature, or a company embedding fintech within your customer experience for the first time, we can accelerate your time to market and differentiate your financial offering. With our wealth of experience across credit, payments, and data mining and a powerful issuing platform, we help clients launch next-generation products that scale efficiently.

Community Banks

We work closely with community banks that share a mission alignment and understand the power of fintech. Some of our most meaningful partnerships come from the community banking industry. We help our banking clients optimize their product and asset mix, launch best-in-class products, and source attractive loans.

Credit Unions
Community Banks
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