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Empowering credit unions and fintechs data-driven products

Our financial products help clients unlock growth, generate new loans and income, optimize balance sheets and increase member engagement.

Come build with us, your work will be challenging and will matter.

rai•partners builds products and technology that help credit unions, fintechs and banks to better serve their communities. Our tools power more inclusive and affordable products used by families, small businesses and non-profits around the country.

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Whether your building a product, selling a program, designing new fintech, we can do it all.

Our suite of next-generation services offers a one stop-shop for growth and member engagement 


We build, launch and scale branded, mobile-first, credit card programs designed for your members’ needs. We buy existing programs and optimize them for your goals. Whatever your need, we manage your program end-to-end, while sharing insights, data, and income opportunities.


Purchase fixed and floating loans and participate in our asset-backed lending lines. We create, source and structure attractive lending opportunities for our clients, helping you optimize your balance sheet.


We build, launch and scale branded secured and unsecured loans, built for the entire risk spectrum. We also buy existing programs and optimize them for market conditions. As with credit cards, we manage the full life-cycle of the loan, from origination through recurring servicing.


We build, launch and manage custom financial products with bespoke functionality. Whatever the unique use case or specific customer need, we can build the product to help you serve them.

What our clients are raving about

Our team combines decades of experience in fintech with a deep understanding of clients’ needs and evolving market opportunities.


Launch a product in weeks not years.


Generate more income, make more loans, reduce your upfront and overhead costs.


Own your data, own your customer, don’t surrender that to vendors or competitor.


We’re a CUSO, we’ve built our business around supporting credit unions.


Our products serve your entire member base regardless of where they are in their credit journey.


Whether you're building a product, selling a program, or designing new fintech, we can do it all.

RAI-PARTNERS CUSO build credit card & loan programs for Credit Unions & Fintech. Get Speed-to-Market. We mitigate risk & provide Flexibility, Inclusivity & greater Profitability.

We are a mission driven company, focused on building lasting partnerships that help our clients succeed.

Our mission is to strengthen the credit union ecosystem through data-driven products that unlock growth and engage members.

We are a registered CUSO, and dedicated to delivering products, loads, deposits, and new members 
to credit unions.

We believe in community financial institutions. They know their members and communities, and are committed to them. We’re proud to support their work.

We build products for and partner with, fintechs and banks that can address the needs of our clients’ members.

We serve a variety of clients, both large and small, who have a tireless commitment to their customers

As a NACUSO member, Our CUSO is proud to serve Credit Unions with Credit Card & Loan programs that mitigate risk & drive growth and income. Get next generation products for your members.

Credit Unions

As a CUSO, working with credit unions is in our DNA. Our largest investors and customers come from the credit union ecosystem. We are drawn to credit unions’ commitment to meeting the specific needs of their communities, and find them to be excellent partners.

Turnkey Credit Card & Loan Programs for Fintechs. Our CUSO will Accelerate Implementation. We launch & manage next gen product & drive scale. Generate Income!


Whether you’re an established fintech looking to build a challenging new product or feature, or a company looking to embed fintech within your customer experience, we can accelerate and differentiate your financial offering. With a wealth of experience across credit, payments and data mining, we help clients launch next-generation products that can successfully scale.  

Turnkey Credit Card & Loan Programs for Fintechs. Our CUSO will Accelerate Implementation. We launch & manage next gen product & drive scale. Generate Income!

Community Banks

We work closely with community banks that share a mission alignment and appreciate the power of fintech. Some of our most meaningful partnerships come from the community banking industry. Whether you’re looking to deliver a best-in-class credit card or source attractively priced loans, we can help you optimize your product and asset mix efficiently.

Credit Unions
Community Banks

Differentiate your products, drive engagement,
accelerate your growth

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