Turn Down

We build credit card programs that help clients accept applicants who would otherwise be declined. Our turn down programs run in parallel to clients’ existing card programs and help them say “Yes” to more customers, increase engagement, and grow income.

The power of saying “yes”

Don’t let thin files and lower credit scores get in the way of building a new customer relationship

Most credit unions and community banks struggle to accept credit card applicants with lower scores and thin files. But when they decline an application, they miss an opportunity to serve and strengthen that customer relationship and lose that business to another lender. 

We build turn down credit card programs that help our clients say “Yes” to higher-risk and thin-file applicants. These programs run in parallel to clients' established credit card products and deliver product options to applicants who would otherwise be declined. The programs are branded end-to-end for the client. We manage all aspects of the program and assume the full credit risk while sharing revenue, data, and insights with the client. 

We work closely with clients to design a program that addresses gaps in their offering and reduces their decline rate.

We leverage technology to coordinate a seamless, branded digital experience for applicants.

We keep customers engaged on the client’s behalf and graduate them to the client’s credit card program as their credit score improves.

We generate new data, insights, and leads from customers that would otherwise be lost, sharing these with the client.

A strategic product partner

We augment clients’ suite of products and marketing strategies to expand their addressable market


We launch branded products with dozens of pricing strategies so that you always have a product that fits an applicant’s needs.


We deploy marketing campaigns targeting previously out-of-reach demographics, especially younger consumers. We deploy those strategies through new and existing channels and bring those customers into your ecosystem.


Utilizing our machine learning models, we capture, analyze and share data insights from your program so you can better understand new customer demographics and their needs.


We increase your bottom line, uncover cross-selling opportunities, and generate attractive, diversified lending opportunities without increasing your overhead.

Program features that clients love

Discover the outstanding benefits that make our customized credit cards the ideal choice for your financial journey.

Customized Rewards

A mix of traditional rewards and unique perks that get cardholders excited.


Products become mobile-first and automated to streamline the customer experience.

Attractive Rates

We deliver attractive rates to your customers regardless of their credit score.


We offer instant provisioning into digital wallets to increase card utilization.


We don’t believe in hidden fees. We keep things simple and affordable for your customers.

Excellent Support

Customers can reach an agent quickly, 24/7/365.

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