We help credit unions and community banks extend asset-backed loans that generate an attractive risk-adjusted return.

A partner who understands lending

Put your balance sheet to work in diversified, collateralized, 1st lien loans that outperform alternatives.

Credit unions and community banks are looking for new sources of healthy loans that offer attractive risk-adjusted returns. However, market competition and the current rate environment are increasing price volatility, credit risk, and mismatches between assets and liabilities. 

We help our clients make loans that are collateralized by cash, credit card receivables, and their cash flows. The loans are floating rate, 1st lien, and 2nd loss and perform well in all rate environments.

We create financing lines that meet clients' current and future balance sheet and liquidity needs.

We utilize easy-to-understand lending structures with dedicated collateral pools.

We establish clear underwriting parameters to ensure high credit quality of the underlying collateral.

We establish simple settlement, accounting, and reporting processes.

An efficient balance sheet partner

Increase your loan balances, loan to share ratio, and shareholder returns quickly while reducing your risk


Our financing lines offer an attractive yield relative to T-bills, money market funds, SBA loans and credit card ABS.


The underlying assets are whole loan pools with geographic and demographic diversification.

Seniority &

Our financing lines have a 1st lien on a liquid collateral base and are more than covered by cash reserves and equity. The underlying credit receivables are prime borrowers that are current on their loans.

Rate Exposure

Our financing lines perform well in rising and falling rate environments, generating efficient returns for lenders regardless of the state of the economy.

Key Perks

Discover the outstanding benefits that make our customized credit cards the ideal choice for your financial journey.

Customized Rewards

Tailored perks for your unique lifestyle.

Generous Cash Back

Earn money on every 


Competitive interest rates for financial ease.

VIP Experiences

Exclusive access to events and offers.

Travel Benefits

Complimentary insurance and travel assistance.

24/7 Support

Always here to
assist you.

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