We acquire credit card portfolios from credit unions and community banks. We work with them to optimize and grow their portfolio, enhancing the product, technology, customer engagement, and income.

The Power of an aligned acquisition partner

Transform your credit card program to increase customer engagement and growth

Many credit unions and community banks manage credit card programs that haven’t reached their full potential despite their best efforts, growth, engagement, technology, and profits aren’t where they should be.
RAI PARTNERS’ portfolio acquisition service provides these clients with liquidity and the opportunity to take their credit card program to the next level.

When we acquire a client’s credit card portfolio, we immediately uncover opportunities to increase growth and engagement. We add features and functionality, enhance the underlying technology and deploy new growth strategies. Clients delegate day-to-day management responsibilities but remain a key thought partner. We continue to share income, data and customer insight with the client. All programs remain fully branded for the seller.

We provide clients with immediate liquidity on their entire portfolio as well as attractive opportunities to redeploy capital.

We coordinate a seamless handoff
of day-to-day management, freeing up personnel and resources.

We ensure a seamless transition for the end customers while simultaneously delivering exciting new products and features.

We generate new data, insights, and leads from customers that we share with the client.

A compelling long-term partnership

We create recurring value for
our clients in a number of key areas.


We layer in new rewards, features, and technology that help your credit cards stand out, stay fresh, and become top of your wallet.

Growth &

We deploy innovative growth and engagement strategies in new and existing channels. We release products that help you say “Yes” to customers who you would have previously declined.


Utilizing our machine learning models, we capture, analyze, and share data insights from your program so you can better understand your customers and their needs.


We help you drastically reduce your overhead while sharing recurring income on a growing portfolio and generating attractive, diversified lending opportunities.

Program enhancements that clients love

We modernize and enhance your program from end to end to increase customer engagement and drive growth

Customized Rewards

A mix of traditional rewards and unique perks that get cardholders excited


Products become mobile-first and automated to streamline the customer experience

Attractive Rates

We deliver attractive rates to your customers regardless of their credit score


We offer instant provisioning into digital wallets to increase card utilization


We don’t believe in hidden fees. We keep things simple and affordable for your customers

Excellent Support

Customers can reach an agent quickly, 24/7/365.

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